Wild Cat Aerobatic Display Team
3D Graphic Design for the Wild Cat Aerobatic Display Team

Elevatedby always retain an extremely good business relationship with our client, and often due to the nature of our work, we keep in close contacts with our clients in order to keep our commitments to their projects up-to-date.  This is no exception with the Wildcat Aerobatic Display Team.

Since 2011 Elevatedby has been a major contributor to the graphics for the Wild Cat Aerobatic Display Team’s marketing and merchandise products which they travel around with them each year on their airshow schedule from May to September.

Wildcat Aerobatic Display Team in Flight Simulator

Elevatedby is lucky enough to have a designer who has a comprehensive understanding of several of the major Flight Simulation Software, including Prepar3D, Microsoft Flight Simulator,  and we are currently researching and learning our way around DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) too. This enables us to produce and provide DLC content for most of these flight simulators,

In terms of design for Flight Simulator. Elevatedby are the official creators of the livery for the Wildcat Display Team’s flight simulatior fleet’s which you can see below.

Some more images of our Flight Simulation Work we did for the Wildcats


"We’re very fortunate at Wildcat to have friends and associates with extraordinary talents and a willingness to contribute them to the cause! Lee Pirie from Elevatedby is one such talent.  Lee was the 3D artist who produced some of the graphics to be found on the our Demo Video."

The Wildcat Aerobatic Display Team - CEO