Website And E-Commerce System

The Old Victorian Kitchen approached us, asking for a website that would feature a full scale online e-Commerce environment where their customers could order and purchase Victorian preserves.  They also requested that we could provide them an environment where they could update their events page themselves.

 3D Graphic Design

The Old Victorian Kitchen wanted something unique for their website to make it stand out from other jam makers around the country. We suggested that we could produce a 3D representation of an Old Victorian Kitchen, containing an iron range and jamming utensils.

James and Julie of Old Victorian Kitchen liked the sound of our proposal and gave us the all greens to go ahead and let the creation begin.

So our in house 3D artist set out to work. What he produced was one of our finest pieces of 3D Graphics to date, containing over 300 3D models within it.

"We are really pleased with all the work that Elevatedby have put into working with us and  creating our website and online shopping experience bringing Old Victorian Kitchen into the modern age of the world wide web. Thank You Lee."

James & Julie - of Old Victorian Kitchen

"The 3D Graphics look fantastic, they really do look alternative and different and we are grateful for all the time and effort Elevatedby has put into the creation of our virtual Victorian Kitchen. Thank You Lee."

James & Julie - of Old Victorian Kitchen